2017 Ford Flex Redesign, Concept

On the world market will soon arrive new model of Ford. It will
be the 2017 Ford Flex, and unlike its predecessor, it will
bring a wide range of innovations. The Ford company is widely
known for its reputable products. The previous model has gained
great popularity. Taking this into account, the company
officials are hoping that the new model will not fare badly. In
addition to modern external appearance, it will be changed and
the engine performance. He will now have a V6 engine of 3.5
liter and will use advanced EcoBoost.
Engine will generate 287 hp and 254 lb-ft.

2017 Ford Flex front

2017 Ford Flex: Exterior Redesign

In order to increase sales, the new model has got a modern and
elegant design. Sports line of car are done attractive at first
look. Engineers believe that in this way to attract younger
customers. The high degree of improvement has enabled
additional space in the car. The 2017 Ford Flex will delight
its customers with elegance and comfort, which are guaranteed
to them. The new SUV will have a redesigned grille, headlights
and taillights. The lights will be equipped with LED
technology, which will increase their visibility in poor
weather conditions. It will also reduce their energy
consumption, which nowadays means a lot. Desiring to create
more attractive car, the designers have added modern components
on the old structure, which has already proven to be popular.

2017 Ford Flex inerior

2017 Ford Flex: Interior Redesign

Same as exterior, interior of the car is upgraded and improved.
Thanks to the extra space, which has enabled by the redesign,
the new model now has three rows of seats. Therefore, the new
model is now able to comfortably receive 10 adults, or even
more than one family. In the cabin are inserted elements and
applications that are currently used in autoproduction. The
materials used in the cabin are of the highest quality. Seats
will be lined with the finest leather. In front of the driver
will be located redesigned control panel with 4.2-inch large
touch screen. In the car was built 12 Sony speakers. As we have
noted, the cabin is increased, and all that what is upholstered
in the model has been done from the finest materials. Of the
components that are installed in the new model we will allocate
footing control, sound framework and steadiness. Of course,
engineers are thinking on the security systems. Thus, in 2017
Ford Flex embedded 6 airbags, stability
control, traction command and anti
lock brakes.

2017 Ford Flex rear

2017 Ford Flex: Date of Release and Price

The Ford Flex will have its debut during 2016, but on the
market will appear in 2017 year. As for the price, it is still
not able to find out.