2017 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Price

The 2017 Honda Crosstour enters the market as an elegant,
modern SUV. Compared to its predecessor, the vehicle has
undergone a lot of enhancement. The 2017 Crosstour was made
using the latest techniques. It is similar in appearance to its
predecessor but it’s clear to see that some of its attributes
have been improved. The 2017 Honda Crosstour has a very
relaxing and comfortable interior made from some of the latest

2017 Honda Crosstour-front

2017 Honda Crosstour – Body Styles Changes and other

The Crosstour is a hybrid between a sports utility vehicle and
a coupe. In some aspects, the vehicle resembles a Honda Accord.
This vehicle was initially released in 2009 but it was unable
to attract sufficient customers. In spite of its striking
features, the vehicle has been unable to dominate. The 2017
Crosstour has been modernized and performance refined in terms
of design. During the process of upgrading it, the
designers working on the exterior did not change the appearance
of the car conceptually, but only added bright stylish features
and enhanced it with plastic bodywork. The car’s large
hatchback has been enhanced by a large grille similar to an
inverted trapezoid. The front bumper of the Crosstour looks
charismatic with its original inserts on the sides.


The cabin of this SUV has been crafted with top-notch materials
which offer greater comfort. Its technological enhancements
include an advanced infotainment system, an audio system,
improved navigation, good phone connectivity, USB ports, WiFi
and Bluetooth among others. Traction control, auto braking
system, and airbags are some of the safety features in this
car. This car can accommodate 5 people on its leather-covered
seats. These leather seats are adjustable to boost consolation
of the occupants. A contemporary weather regulating system
ensures that the temperatures on its interior are
well-regulated. The cockpit of the 2017 Honda Crosstour is
quite pleasant and interactive. It is well-lit and has a giant
LED contact display which helps in monitoring and controlling
all the options. A number of the most recent safety and
security attributes have been fitted within it.

2017 Honda Crosstour - interior

2017 Honda Crosstour – Powerful Engine and Performance

The powertrain lineup of the Crosstour 2017 continues to be
unknown. However, a lot of work is still being done there.
Engineers are working on enhancing the 192 hp-rated, 4-cylinder
unit. Rumor has it that the drivetrain shall be saved and the
V6 shall be retained for customers that need extra power. A
different engine will attain up to 280 horses, an amount that
is expected to fulfill even the most essential and complicated
customers. An automatic gearbox equipped with 5 shifts will be
enough to switch power to the wheels and the entrance. A
6-speed transmission will be provided for larger
trims. The 2017 Honda Crosstour is expected to be released
in twin petrol engine variants. They will be available for all
wheel and four-wheel drive. The car will be endowed with a
fuel-efficient engine to complement its superb exterior and
interior. It will have low gas emissions.

2017 Honda Crosstour - rear

2017 Honda Crosstour – When Will Hit the Showrooms?

The price-tag for the Honda Crosstour 2017 has been set at
$27,000-$37,000. This price is based on current exchange rates.