2017 Honda HVR Redesign, Price, Release Date

The 2017 Honda HVR Is a Japanese SUV expected to take the
United States market by storm. The vehicle is highly popular
for its great control and design. Industry experts indicate
that it qualifies as the ultimate car of tomorrow. The advanced
technology contained within make it interesting and highly
comfortable. When it was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show
it left a lasting impression on many. The main updated themes
on the vehicle are safety, comfort and fuel economy.

2017 Honda HVR - front

2017 Honda HVR – Body and Redesign

The 2017 Honda HVR gives its users a comfortable and spacious
interior. Adjustments have been made on the fuel tank location
as well as the seats. The vehicle dimensions are compact but
the spacious interior likens the 2017 Honda HVR to a crossover.
Comfort is maximized in the cabin and have a provision for
smart phone integration. Additional features are such as
Bluetooth connectivity, telescopic steering wheel and satellite
radio. The more costly models are brandished with leather
interiors displaying opulence. All crossover functions can be
controlled from the driver’s seat. At the exterior the vehicle
accommodates a cool roof, upgraded grille, concealed back door
handles and a much larger sidewall. The bumper is a new
addition which comes with air-intakes, anti-fog lights, a
sleeker chrome line and air-intakes. Let’s not forget the
metallic bumper cover. The 2017 Honda HVR Has a lovely Coupe
body shape. On its radiator grille – between the hood and the
intake is the logo emblazoned. The car headlamps are designed
in a teardrop shape. The lights are arranged horizontally in
this new ride. At the rear, the hind door facilitates easy
access into the trunk.

2017 Honda HVR - interior

2017 Honda HVR – Modification under the Hood

Brandishing a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine, the hrv honda
2017 runs on 140 horsepower and a torque of 130 pound-foot.
The customer can either go for the 6-speed manual transmission
or CVT transmission. CVT transmission is one of the latest
cutting edge technologies consisting of power shifters to
increase power delivery. Analytical test equipment reveal its
0-60 instant acceleration time in barely 8.4 seconds. Another
great improvement worth noting is the silent hum of the honda
hrv. Its four-cylinder achieves 3000 rpm at 80 mph. The
extra-insulation padding within the HRV cabin takes the credit
for the minimal occurrence of wind noise. The wide and
road-friendly tires achieve 0.85 g on lateral grip while on a
skipped. This is way above the Fits 0.78 g. The engineers who
worked tirelessly on the HRVs performance and design gave their
task a lot of focus and concentration, eventually realizing a
spectacular vehicle. The wide latitude body roll, general
chassis apathy and under-steer make it feel like a Volkswagen
GTI. The Honda has perfected its handling by far, not
forgetting it can be driven by anyone. Among the vehicles
competitors, the Honda HVR 2017 leads in fuel economy. Ratings on fuel efficiency
and economy are 28 mpg when in-city and 32 when on the highway.

2017 Honda HVR - side

2017 Honda HVR – When can it be seen on road?

Honda HVR as 2016 commences. The starting price on the ride is
$19,500-$26,500 but may be subject to review. Buyers will be
able to lay their hands on this car in mid-autumn 2017.