2017 Lexus TX takes your driving experience to a new level

Lexus has been in the market for quite a long period and has
been ruling the market since 1998. Lexus is coming out with a
compact SUV called the TX. It has been
designed completely different and has one of the visual
appearance. It has been presented in front of the customers by
the General Manager of the company at Paris Motor Show in 2016.
Being asked about the sitting configuration, the manager
replied that it will have 3 tier sitting configuration. It is
expected that it will be the best selling crossover as per
market statistics. The SUV has been filled with a number
of advanced technologies and certainly the best one.

What is Lexus TX? That will actually be
RX with third row. This Lexus 3-row
will be based on the HPX concept.

2017 Lexus TX front view

Engine & Transmission of 2017 Lexus TX

Lexus will be offering a VTEC engine with main capacity of 3.5
liters. It will also be a V6 engine with good fuel efficiency.
Talking about transmission, new Lexus TX 2017
will be having a seven speed automatic transmission with
gearbox. The main framework of this car is the power it
generation. In about 3000 RPM, it can generate a total
horsepower of 340 and a maximum torque of 280 lb-ft.

Being a family sports car, it also has a hybrid engine which
comes in the second option for any long journey purpose. This
SUV can accelerate to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds as initial
accelerating speed isn’t good enough. It comes with a combined
set of electric motors which gives it an edge over other SUVs.

2017 Lexus TX Interior Design

Interior setting is classic which one would love to see.
Steering wheel, dashboard are also finished perfectly well and
has a touch of awesomeness. Apart from these, there are many
technologies which have been incorporated into its system.
There are security features too like, air bag, auto blind spot,
etc. The 2017 Lexus TX also has a rear view
camera which lets the driver have a clear view as to who is
approaching from behind.

Apart from these things, adaptive cruise control, lane changer,
auto climate control, updated Infotainment system, etc. are a
great advantage of one who buys it.

2017 Lexus TX interior concept

2017 Lexus TX Exterior Design

Outside or the exterior side of 2017 Lexus TX
is made up of aluminium body which makes it light and increases
its speed and acceleration. It comes out in 4 colors and all of
these are metallic. Being metallic, the exterior body looks
great under sun. The cabin is spacious and equally airy. Old
people will not have any problem for long journeys. The luggage
space is spacious too as it can accommodate more than 9.5 kg of
luggage bags. LED lights are made up of chlorine and helium gas
which decreases the power consumption of this car.

2017 Lexus TX rear view

2017 Lexus TX Price, Competitors and Release

Toyota Highlander will be giving a good competition to
2017 Lexus TX. The Porsche Cayenne, BMW
X5, Audi S7 will be its main competitors. Well, according to
sustained reports, this SUV will be carrying a price tag
of $42,940 and will be available for all customers by
September, 2018. Be ready to get hold of one as you love to
have such possessions.

The new Lexus TX will be released sometime
during next year.