2017 Renault Megane CC Review, Specs and Price

2017 Renault
Megane CC Review, Specs and Price
– It’s easy to
understand the attractiveness of family members car-centered
coupe-cabriolets – all the simplicity of use of an ordinary
hatchback, with the style of a sporting activities car. Or at
best that’s the thought anyway.
2017 Renault Megane CC Specs
Like many other solutions from the market, the Megane CC
doesn’t rather strike the symbol in lots of places. De-roofing
a family group car often leads to unusual handling and the
systems for foldable aside a hard roofing normally eats into
cabin area. The Megane endures from each and will get combined
reviews because of this.

2017 Renault Megane CC Interior

The cabin on its own is all typical Megane, which implies a
basic, uncluttered space of reasonable high quality. Specific
attention is compensated to hike the standard just a little in
a car everyone can stare into and fit and accomplish is great.
There is also room for a number of men and women, provided they
are not all very tall. Testers describe awareness as good, and
the cabin constantly believes light and airy whether the roof
is wide open of closed, thanks it becoming a spectacular cup
matter as opposed to a slab of metal.
2017 Renault Megane CC Interior 2
It will take 23 seconds to the cup roof top to perform its
shutting or launching acrobatics, so can come bad weather or
shine you should not be caught out. It cannot be operated
moving around though and chews into back end headroom when
sealed or robs boot room when stowed.

2017 Renault Megane CC Engine and Specs

Contrary to the regular Megane, the CC’s selection is now just
3. There’s just one petroleum option – a 130hp, 1.2-litre turbo
– and the diesels would be the acquainted Renault-Nissan
Alliance 108hp 1.5 and 128hp 1.6 engines.

The diesels are deserving alternatives, with great overall
economy and a lot of torque so they are happy to work at the
low revs that befit the cruiser character of your car. The fuel
car is much exactly the same but seems just a little
superfluous simply because it is no quicker compared to top
diesel and presents apart 30% within the energy economic
climate stakes.

2017 Renault Megane CC Price

Price start from £23,800 – £27,045. The
2017 Renault Megane CC must just be regarded value if you
price it extremely, but impartial testers do not, so it’s
difficult to advocate it according to worth-for-money. The
machine degrees are ample but in the same way no beyond most
competition possibly.