2017 Tesla Model S Review, Price

With the updated Tesla Model S, the look of the vehicle has
changed from when it was introduced in 2012. With the focus on
a re-styled and renewed exterior, the Tesla Model S is
competing next to the Model 3 sedan and the Model X crossover.
It also is considered one of the safest sedans on the road
today as well as one of the most desirable and luxurious
electric cars available.

2017 Tesla Model S - front

2017 Tesla Model S – External Body Parts and Inner
Cosmetic Changes

The preeminent change in the exterior is the removal of the
faux front grill, which is replaced by a brand new front fascia
that houses slightly remodeled headlights. This gives the 2017
Tesla Model S a sleeker, more streamlined appearance than
previous models. A high-definition backup camera is standard as
well as rain-sensing automatic windshield wipers.


The interior includes standard elements like Bluetooth and
mobile connectivity, a telescopic-and-tilt steering wheel,
premium and cloth vinyl upholstery, automatic and dual-zone
climate control, rear-folding 60/40-split seats, and the sound
dynamics similar to a recording studio. It is also equipped
with a 17-inch touchscreen with day and night adaption. There
is also an optional interior feature now available in the 2017
Tesla Model S which is a HEPA air-filtration system touted as
being one of the best systems for removing pollution and
allergy-related elements.

2017 Tesla Model S - interior

2017 Tesla Model S – Modification under the Hood

The Tesla Model S 2017 is a dual-motor vehicle with one in the
front and one in the rear, (with a motor power of 503 hp for
the rear and 259 hp for the front). Because of the design, the
Model S digitally controls torque to the front and rear wheels
of the vehicle. This allows for unprecedented traction control
in any driving conditions. This is also achieved by a lighter
motor model in the 2017 Model S than in conventional rear-wheel
drive cars. This gives the 2017 Tesla Model S improved range
and faster acceleration. Consequently, the new model can be
expected to achieve a supercar acceleration of zero to 60 mph
in 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph. The redesign has
also included a 48-amp onboard charger, replacing the previous
40-amp charger. At an average speed of 65 mph, a
high-performance, all-wheel-drive Model S with 19-inch wheels
can go approximately 302 miles before recharging. In terms of
safety, the Tesla Model S for 2017 has been designed with the
intent of being one of the safest vehicles on the road today.
The electric drivetrain that is housed under the car’s aluminum
occupant cell is positioned to have an impact on the car’s
center of gravity by lowering it in order to lessen the risk of
a rollover situation occurring. The new design has also removed
the heavy engine block and put in its place impact-absorbing
boron steel rails.

2017 Tesla Model S - side

2017 Tesla Model S – Expected Date of Arrival and Price

The 2017 Tesla Model S price point is said to be at an MSRP of
$69,900. The prices vary depending upon the choice of options
from the rear-wheel-drive 70 trim starting at $72,700, to the
Model S 90D at a cost of $90,700, and the P90D with its
starting price of $110,700. The release date for the 2017 Tesla
Model S is scheduled for mid-year of next year.