2017 VW Crossblue Changes, Release Date

The 2017 VW Crossblue has long been waited in the market, it is
rumored that the car is special for the American market. It
comes remodeled and upgraded with high-end technologies
features. It will be a SUV like no other. If you go by the
features and the comfort it will offer, it will definitely give
other cars in the same range a run for their money.

2017 VW Crossblue - front

2017 VW Crossblue – Out and In Design with Changes

It will be made a little longer than the previous model that is
19.3 inches. The rims and the tires are all made for speed. The
body is made strong and with durable material. It will also be
offered in six generation’s design that means that the rims
will be right in front side generation. The eco and sub
modes will make the VW SUV the same like the previous,
only that the features in this car have been emphasized than
the previous model. The shade of color is also appealing to the
eye and the side mirrors have been well mounted to give clear
distance of images. The front and the back side will spot
the same features as the previous model, but they have been
given enough spacing to make the 2017 Volkswagen Crossblue look
elegant and enticing to customers.


The seats in the 2017 VW Crossblue have been made with fine
material to offer more comfort. Inside the cabin there is going
to be latest equipment that is state of the art technology. A
TFT screen is positioned at the centre of the car to give the
drive ease time when reading information. The touch screen
is about 10.2 inches and it has been made to perfectly suit the
central console. By just looking at the cabin, you will notice
that everything is genuine and it has been made with
aluminium.The cargo area has also been made a little bigger to
accommodate cargos. It is actually 12.7 cubic feet for
storage. This is enough space than the previous car; you
also get enough leg room and head room while you are in the VW
CrossBlue. Other features that are noticeable are HVAC manages
car owner’s particulars that are normally displayed on the

2017 VW Crossblue - interior

2017 VW Crossblue – Engine Specifications

It will have a 2.0-1 four cylinder displacement that will be
mated on a six speed dual clutch and an automatic gearbox.
There will also be two motors to support the engine on the
axis. The diesel power plant car will deliver 190 horsepower and 280 1b.ft torque. It will also
feature other additional batteries supply to the engine that
have more power. The front motor will give 54hp and 133
pound feet of torque that is 114 horses of power. The total
output of the two motors will be 305hp and 516 1b ft of torque.
This 2017 VW Crossblue will be very economical in fuel since
the engine has been well design to consume less than the
previous model.

2017 VW Crossblue - rear

2017 VW Crossblue Release Date and Price

The price of the 2017 VW Crossblue will be around 32,120
dollars to 40,000 dollars this price is centered on the latest
forex report. It is set to be released in the early months of
next year, although the date might change that will depend on
the designers.