2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models

As you already know, Chrysler under its auspices has two
versions of the sedan: the model 200 and 300, as well as the
latest Pacific minivan. In the upcoming period could happen
some changes. According to unofficial information, Chrysler is
planning to expand the range of its models.

Thus, there is a great possibility that the Chrysler join other
brands of vehicles. Although it was expected that small sedan
100 to be shown in showrooms around the world, this decision
changed. The SUV models and 2018/2019 Chrysler Crossover will
be presented to the audience, instead of the aforementioned

The reason is Chrysler this time more focused on this type of
model is to improve profits. In fact, in recent years, minivans
and sedans significantly reduced. Customers are more focused on
the pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Chrysler
definitely wants to provide what people like and what they

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models - front

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models – Design and

The information about the exterior, interior, engine
specifications, price and release date are not yet official.
More specifically still do not exist. There is information that
Chrysler instead of Dodge Journey models offers the smaller
five-seat crossover. In this case, will have strong competition
– Hyundai Santa Fe
Sport and Ford Edge. We
have to mention that there is a possibility that Chrysler
presents the audience the larger full-size three-row SUV, that
will be a threat to models such as Ford Explorer and

What name could have a new model?

About how it will be called the new model still know nothing.
According to unofficial information, the names that could be
used for the new model are Town & Country or Aspen. It is
important to note that these are currently only assumptions.

What will be the design of the new model?

As we mentioned, appearance i.e. design of the new model is
still not known. The new crossover Chrysler should have a
similar design as the Jeep Cherokee K8. Thus, the three rows of
seats. However, and this is only speculation. On the other
hand, the new seven-seat SUV should have a much greater
possibility of Pacifica minivan.

As for the available functions, it is assumed that the new
model will have amended the technology and more safety features
compared to previous models.

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models - interior

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models
– Main Power Production Uni

The official information on the engine of the latest Chrysler
models still missing. So, everything is based on assumptions.
Accordingly, we assume that the new model launch 3.6-liter V6
engine, which will be able to produce 287 hp. It is expected
that the new Chrysler adopted a large number of options from
the Fiat/Chrysler. The new crossover will offer two versions of
power units: four- and six-cylinder. Also, it is important to
note that the front -wheel drive be a standard and all-wheel
drive be optional.

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models - rear

2018 Chrysler SUV and Crossover new models – When can
it be seen on the road?

The exact date when the model will be presented to the public
is not yet known. The only information we have is that the
2018-2019 Chrysler Crossover and SUV models appear in showrooms
in the next two years.