Audi Q9 Concept Review, Price

The Audi Q9 Concept is probably the next debut in the German
automobile manufacturer Audi’s Q range. In comparison with the
model’s predecessors, this would the largest SUV in the Audi
line up with series of modifications and improvements. It will
offer the latest luxury among the competing SUVs in the market.

The main competitors of the Audi Q9 Concept would be the
BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Land
Rover Range Rover Lone Wheelbase and Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class.

The company’s decision to produce the SUVs is mainly due to the
growing market particularly in the middle east, China, and the
USA. This model is the big expectation following the debut of
the new Coupe-like Q8 crossover for the year 2017.

Audi Q9 Concept - front

Audi Q9 Concept – External Body Parts and Inner Cosmetic

The Audi Q9 Concept will have a sharp front grille with an
engraved logo in the middle. The model will construct from
mostly aluminium materials for the chassis to reduce weight and
increase fuel efficiency. It is to debut in three trims, mainly
the premium, Prestige and the Premium Plus. The model will ride
on an extended version of Audi’s MLB Evo Platform of the Volks
Wagon group.

The laser technology is the brain behind the sharp LED
headlight. The body of the Vehicle will have a curved shape,
flat but full C-post and flared shoulders above the wheels. The
automatic adjust side mirrors are also available with the new
model. The taillights will be different for its predecessor
with angular extra sharp brake lights. This model is also
expected to have a panoramic sunroof.


The Audi Q9 Concept takes from the Qs lineup with a classy,
spacious cabin. It is predicted to be a seven-seater, that is,
full-sized SUV with both heating and ventilation for both the
driver and the passenger seats. The leather upholstery gives,
even more, luxury inside the vehicle. The leather steering
wheel has a primary point of control with many buttons.

The dashboard has a touch screen control system where many
commands will run. The infotainment system comprises of a
high-quality sound system comprising of HD radio with four
stereo speakers, Virtual cockpit, Bluetooth and USB
connectivity. For security purposes, Anti-lock brake system,
anti-collision sensor, parking sensor, lane departure warning
blind spot monitor, review camera, ABS, airbag, adjustable seat
belts, traffic alerts, tire pressure monitoring are among other
notable safety gadgets.

The Audi Q9 has a high-quality air conditioning system with
tri-zone climate control system. This model will also adopt the
Electronic Stability Program (ESP). Decoration in the interior
has enhancement with the inclusion of ambient lighting.

Audi Q9 Concept - interior

Audi Q9 Concept- Engine and Performance

The Q9 Concept engine is expected to be as strong as that of
the competing models. 3-0 Liter 6 cylinder V6 engine would be
the most likely. The output of this model is likely to be 333
horsepower and a torque @ RPM of [email protected]
with a direct injection fuel delivery.

The model will have eight-speed automatic transmission system
with the four-wheel drive system. The Audi Q9 Concept will have
a top speed of around 128 miles per hour. The acceleration rate
is 60miles per hour in 5.5 sec. The anticipated fuel efficiency
19 miles per gallon on the highway and 25 miles per gallon in
the city.

Audi Q9 Concept - side

Audi Q9 Concept -Price and Release Date

The manufacturer’s recommended retail price is $49,950. The
Audi Q9 is expected to launch and penetrate the market in early
January 2017.