BMW X8 Concept Design, Release Date

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) has been in the car manufacturing
industry since early 20th century and one of its future cars is
the BMW X8 Concept. The luxurious and prestigious nature of
these vehicles has been the trend. Even with such a remarkable
history, the future holds much for BMW.

BMW X8 Concept - front

BMW X8 Concept – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious
Interior Design

The BMW X8 is an SUV version with most of the exterior taking
the modern aspects. The front side has larger air intakes with
the fog lights closing the space between the headlights and
down grille. This being a high-speed car, the wheels will have
bigger thickness and alloys that support the vehicle at its
high speeds. The manufacturer may also use carbon fibre in most
components to reduce weight and promote the modern look.


For the interior, the leather finish on the seats should be the
way to go. Automation of the modern-looking seats is also an
addition that BMW might include. On matters technology, the
infotainment display should have the best in terms of audio
output and HD display of the data. Other connectivity includes
Bluetooth and GPS.

In addition to the surrounding air conditioners, drivers will
have exposure to the latest in Assist programs as a safety
measure. Among the assists that the vehicle might have are
Cruise Control, collision Assists (front and Rear) and
automatic braking systems. However, given the time between now
and its planned launching time, the BMW X8 will include the
future Safety systems.

BMW X8 Concept - interior

BMW X8 Concept – Engine and Performance

With the 2016 BMW versions being highly performing, the BMW X8
Concept will most probably be turbo-charged. In order to
provide the power speculated, two engines suit this car. A 4.4L
V8 engine that produces over 440 worth of horsepower (480lb-ft
torque)and an inline six-cylinder that produces over 300
horsepower(480lb-ft torque) are the main options. With
turbo-charges in either case, the power is adequate to give
this vehicle the push it requires.

The acceleration of the V8 and turbocharged 6-cylinder engine
is adequate for this SUV vehicle. In matters of fuel
efficiency, we can expect an average of 30miles per gallon in
either the city and highway terrains. The use of light
materials in some of the secondary features will enable this
BMW X8 to accelerate very fast with these engines.

BMW X8 Concept - side

BMW X8 Concept – Pricing, Release Date, Conclusion

Among the factors that will influence the price are the modern
instalments and technological improvements that the vehicle
has. The speculated price is at least $60,000 during its launch

With the X7 series expected in 2018, BMW seems to take a span
of two years before launching the consequent models. This means
that we will have to wait until 2020 before the launch of BMW
X8 Concept if the manufacturer follows the same sequence.

From the BMW X8 Concept speculation, this vehicle has all the
modern and future inclusions. The fuel efficient but the
powerful engine is a wise combination that aligns to the class
of the SUV. As it has been in the past, BMW targets a certain
class of population and the BMW X8 Concept suits this class