BMW X8 Rumors Review, Price

This time, BMW X8 Rumors and speculations are certainly
interesting. When it comes to extravagant cars, the iconic
brand of BMW always deserves a mention. The stature of BMW is
so huge that it can never be overlooked. As such, there are
always certain speculations about the upcoming vehicles from
the Bavarian auto manufacturer. The BMW X8 is no different in
this regard. These Rumors unveiled great possibilities about
the upcoming 2018 model year.

At the recent New York Motor Show, the marketing director of
BMW revealed that the upcoming model of BMW will continue to
have its own identity. So, no matter how much redesign this
model gets, you can still expect some resemblance with its

BMW X8 Rumors - front

BMW X8 Rumors – Exterior Expectations and Luxurious
Interior Design

According to BMW, the upcoming 2018 X8 has been designed to
provide the best possible experience to drivers on a cruise.
BMW X8 Rumors suggest that the exterior will get fresh looks
with carbon fibre being extensively used. The car will have a
solid platform, which will reduce the overall weight of the
vehicle. Front grille design is also expected to improve with
better air intake capabilities. As you would expect, ample
lighting will be offered with LED headlights and fog lights.


Being a BMW model, you can expect 2018 X8 to feature a high
quality and luxurious interior. Leather upholstery shall be
present along with comfortable seats offering adjustment
capability. Modern infotainment system and high-quality audio
system will obviously be available.

Connectivity features shall be available with USB port,
wireless connectivity and smartphone integration. Climate
control system, automatic air condition and updated navigation
system shall be on offer. Other than these, BMW X8 don’t
reveal a lot.

BMW X8 Rumors - interior

BMW X8 Rumors – Possible Engine

Although BMW has admitted that exterior of the upcoming X8 will
bear some resemblance to its previous models, they have hinted
that its engine will be largely based on the engine of BMW X7.
BMW X8’s engine could be an updated version of BMW X7’s engine.

No official information has been revealed by BMW yet, so you’d
have to rely on BMW X8 Rumors to get an idea of what the
upcoming model could have on offer. This vehicle is expected to
offer two engine options:

  • A turbocharged 6 cylinder engine with 320 hp of output
    along with 320 lb-ft of torque.
  • 4.4-litre V8 engine with an output of 445 hp and 480 lb-ft
    of torque.

There are even speculations of a diesel variant being on offer.
This engine could be a 3.0-litre inline-6 unit with 381 hp of

BMW X8 Rumors - rear

BMW X8 Rumors – Price, Availability and

If BMW X8 Rumors are believed to be true, the updated model
will arrive in 2017 as 2018. As far as pricing is concerned, it
should range from $60,000 to $90,000. As the release date gets
closer, you can expect more official information to be


The BMW X8 will continue to face stiff competition from the
likes of:

  1. Audi Q7
  2. Lexus KX570
  3. Infiniti QX80
  4. Mercedes-Benz GL-Class